A motto of Dekom Bali Surf is to provide the best surfing experience in Bali to people from all over the world. All the levels such as beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers are welcomed to join our surf lesson or trip to try the exciting water sport.

Concepts of DEKOM Bali Surf Lessons >>

You can have the best experience in Bali through surf lessons at Dekom Bali Surf School!
All the levels such as beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers are welcomed to join our surf lessons to try the exciting water sport or our surf guide trips visiting various surf points in Bali.
In our beginner surf lessons, you will learn one of the most important surf skills called “Take Off” both visually from a 10 minutes DVD to learn basic information of surfing including waves, kinds of the boards and techniques such as Take off and paddling.
Our experienced local surf instructors will teach you the basic skills again and you will actually practice it with them at the beach. Those two ways of learning, visually and actually practicing it, make possible for you to master “Take Off” to enjoy riding a wave in a short amount of time!
In our intermediate surf lessons, the instructors surf with you to observe your riding carefully and give advice to help you improving your skills. They demonstrate the techniques at the beach, so ask your instructors anything to improve your level!
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Reliability and Personal Safety of DEKOM Bali Surf School >>read more...

All the sports including surfing have some risk of injury, but it is possible to minimize it. For the safety, surfboards we use in beginner surf lessons are covered with a soft material and rental helmets are always available for free.

Insurance Policy >>

We are a member of the public liability insurance which can be applied to anyone from age 6 to 65 years old who joined our surf lesson and surf guide trip.
・Death: US$ 25,000
・Permanent Disablement: US$ 25,000
・Medical Expenses: US$ 2,500

Comfortable and Clean Surf School >>

Just bring your own to join surf lessons of Dekom Bali Surf School!! We are located inside of Grand Inna Kuta Beach Hotel , Cottage & Spa by Kuta Beach which is one of the most famous surf points and best spots to learn to surf for beginners in Bali.
Changing rooms and lockers with keys are available to use at our surf school. We provide mineral waters during surf lessons. You can take a shower and towels are available to use for free.

Enjoy Local and International Surf Community >>

Meet locals and people from all over the world! You can meet not only surf instructors and staffs of DEKOM Bali Surf School who cherish surfing but also people from all over the world who want to learn to surf at our surf school!

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dekom surfing school blog

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