Facility & Equipment of Dekom Bali Surfing School

Dekom Bali Surfing School

Our surf school is located on the 1st floor of Grand Inna Kuta Beach Hotel by Kuta Beach which is one of the most famous and best surf spots in Bali. This beach is recommended for all the levels from beginners to learn to surf to professional surfers for competitions.


Dekom staffs welcome you once you get to our surf school!! You pay surf lesson fees here at the reception.

Surf Shirts (Rush Guard)

Since sunshine in Bali is much stronger than your imagine, we strongly recommend that you wear surf shirts to prevent sunburn. Available Sizes
Kids: 7 to 10 / Adults: XS to XL


Rental helmets are available for free and children who join our lessons to learn to surf are required to wear it for safety.





Our surf boards to learn to surf called “Soft Board” are made from a special soft material and have soft flexible fins. Our surf instructors choose one for each guest among the 7 to 9 feet depending on their height, weight and surf level. Several types of fun boards and short boards for experienced surfers are available to use for the surf lessons. All types of the boards are available for rent as well. The surf lessons and rental board fees includes both a board and a leash code which connect a feet and surf board.

Lockers with Keys

Changing Room

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