surf lesson’s sample schedule for begginers course


A staff of DEKOM Bali Surf School picks you up at a hotel lobby.
We inform you both pick-up and surf lesson start time on a booking confirmation email.
(Pick-up might be by walk or motorbike if the pick-pu location is close from the surf school.)

Check-In (10-15min)

At first, you settle the payment and you go over and sign an application and liability wavier form for our surf lessons.

DVD to Learn to Surf (10-15min)

You watch a DVD to learn about basic knowledge of surfing including types of boards and waves,
and skills you practice through the surf lessons such as paddling and take off (standing up on the board).
Learning those skills visually helps you mastering them in a short amount of time.

Preparing to Go to the Beach (10min)

You will get change and apply sunblock in the office. Put all your belongings into the locker.
Your instructor is waiting for you to go to the beach together with surf equipments.

Warming-Up and Beach Practice (15min)

You have warming-up exercise which is the best way to avoid injury,
and practice paddling and take off on the board at the beach with our surf instructors.

Let’s Surf!

Learn to surf in the ocean!! You finally get into the water to catch waves.
Don’t worry!
Our surf instructors will support you to choose a right wave and stand up on the board.

(1st session (45min) – Break (15min) – 2nd session (45min)

End of Surf Lesson

You take a water shower after the surf lessons and get changed.
Before our staff drives you back to your hotel, you can check out your photos of surf lessons taken by our photographer.
<<(Surf Photo Data Price (1 CD-R)>>
1 person: 20USD
2-4 People: 15USD / person
5-more people: 12USD / person

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